Sleeping with a cat in your bed? The health benefits are amazing...

Sleeping with a cat in your bed? The health benefits are amazing...

Cats are intuitive creatures and can sense when you need a little extra help. If your furry friend is always taking up space on your couch or making its way up to your bed, it's just trying to relieve you of negative energy. These creatures have a special ability to detect magnetic fields, which is why it's recommended to put your bed where your cat spends most of its time and feels comfortable.

Cats can also help compensate for your physical and mental energy deficits. Research has shown that families with cats have a lower incidence of disease and a more harmonious living environment. They are great at sensing when you're in pain, too. If you're feeling under the weather or experiencing some pain, don't be surprised if your cat snuggles up right where it hurts. Don't chase it away, be patient and let the healing energy flow. After a while, you'll start to feel much better.

Cats are excellent at balancing energies and can sense when something isn't quite right. They can sense your aura and are amazing at helping with neurological and psychological issues. They also have a knack for "curing" physical illnesses and alleviating anxiety and depressive symptoms. They bring calm to the whole house and its owner.

Cats are even great cardiovascular "doctors." People with hypertension can benefit from a furry, four-legged companion. Cat lovers tend to be calmer, more balanced, and have reduced blood pressure problems. American research shows that the risk of heart attack is 30 to 40% lower in cat owners. If you find your cat sitting on your chest, it's probably because it senses a problem and is quick to use its healing skills to prevent heart attacks.

Female cats are particularly adept at reducing symptoms of mental and internal disorders, while male cats are better at treating skeletal and exoskeletal disorders.

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