Look at all these Hong Kong Shop Cats!

As you may be aware, Nekoby.com is created in Hong Kong, and being a Hong Konger, I would like to introduce Cats in our City! 

(From IG @ ChineseWhiskers)

You may think that Hong Kong is famous for its commercial skyscraper, and may not seem to be “cat-friendly’. So let me introduce Hong Kong Shop Cats!

From IG @ ChineseWhiskers

 It is a tradition for local stores to own a cat to bring luck and “supervise the business as a manager”, in the area of Sheung Wan, where there are famous for speciality shops selling rare and expensive dried seafood.

From IG @ ChineseWhiskers

And there photos are from Dutch photographer Marcel Heijnen (Please follow @ ChineseWhiskers), who takes all these cute photo

From IG @ ChineseWhiskers



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 Chinese Whiskers Homepage https://www.chinesewhiskers.com/

Chinese whiskers: the photogenic cats of Hong Kong’s street shops